Chemistry 969: Laboratory Problems

From Experimental Data to Molecular Bonding: Curriculum Development for High School Science Teacher

Summer Quarter 2000

Course Code: 0541

3 Quarter Hours (=2 Semester Hours) of Graduate Credit in Chemistry

Dr. Allen D. Hunter

Department Of Chemistry
College of Arts and Sciences
School of Graduate Studies and Research
Youngstown State University
One University Plaza
Youngstown, Ohio 44555

5015 Ward Beecher Hall (office)
(330) 742-7176 (Office)
(330) 742-1579 (FAX)

Allen Hunter's Email Address:
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Tentative Schedule of Meeting for Summer 2000

Scheduled Classes: June 19th, 20th, 21st, 26th, 27th, and 28th from 12:00 to 4:00
Subsequent Times Spent on Team Curriculum Development Projects

The following materials listed below are available:
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Chemistry 969 Registration Information

List of Teachers Who Have Expressed and Interest in This Project:
82KB.doc or 16KB.pdf
List of Students of Have (or Expect to) Sign Up for Chemistry 969:
27KB.doc or 5KB.pdf
Registration Information and Approximate Fees for Chemistry 969:
28KB.doc, 7KB.pdf


Chemistry 969, Summer 2000, Syllabus:
xxxKB.doc or xxxKB.pdf

Useful Teaching/Learning Materials

Description of Chemistry 969:
xxxKB.doc, xxxKB.pdf
Chemistry 969 Goals and Objectives:
xxxKB.doc or xxxKB.pdf
Spectroscopy/Crystallography Structural Methods
Reference List: from Chem. 822:  Organic Analysis.doc
Crystallography-Diffraction Methods Texts List.doc
Table of Contents and Index: 166KB.pdf file
Covers for Lab Manual: 33KB.pdf file
To get the Complete manual as a .pdf file, email Dr. Hunter
YSU Diffraction Complete Holdings.Dec1.1999.F99.html
OhioLink Diffraction Holdings.Dec1.1999.F99.html
 YSU Crystallography Complete Holdings.Dec1.1999.F99.html
 OhioLink Crystallography Holdings.Dec1.1999.F99.html

Chemistry 969 Class Assignments

Due Dates for Class Assignments:
xxxKB.doc or xxxKB.pdf
Exercise 1: xxx:
xxxKB.doc or xxxKB.pdf
Exercise 2: xxx:
xxxKB.doc or xxxKB.pdf
Exercise 3: xxx:
xxxKB.doc or xxxKB.pdf

Chemistry 969 Project Assignments

Due Dates of Project Assignments for Spring 2000:
xxxKB.doc or xxxKB.pdf
Assignment 1: xxx:
xxxKB.doc or xxxKB.pdf
Assignment 2: xxx:
xxxKB.doc or xxxKB.pdf
Assignment 3: xxx:
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