Chemistry 785: Biochemistry I, Structural Biochemistry
Summer 1998

Dr. Allen D. Hunter
5015 Ward Beecher Hall (office)
(330) 742-7176 (Office)
(330) 742-1579 (FAX)


The following materials listed below are available in Microsoft Word 97 format
(You may download the Microsoft Word Viewer if you do not have Microsoft Word)

Chemistry 785 Syllabus for Summer Quarter 1998


Chemistry 785 Problem Sets/Assignments

Amino Acid Structures Table
1st Review Problem Set:  Molecular Structures and Bonding
1st Problem Set, Peptide Primary Structures and Charges


Old Exams

Chemistry 785 First Mid-Term Exam Summer 1998
Chemistry 785 Second Mid-Term Exam Summer 1998
Chemistry 785 Final Exam Summer 1998


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