Chemistry 6981: Graduate Seminar I
Winter 2006

Chemistry 6981 is required of all first year graduate students in our Chemistry MS program. 

This course has four inter-related purposes:
(1) To broaden student's exposure to chemistry - especially the areas not covered by our own faculty;
(2) To teach students how to prepare for, participate in, and learn from others' seminars;
(3) To learn how to prepare and present a seminar on ones own research project; and
(4) To prepare the introduction chapter for the students' theses and so help them understand their own research projects.

See:  YSU Chemistry Department Seminar Program:

Dr. Allen D. Hunter

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Chemistry 6981 Syllabus.
YSU Chemistry Department Seminar Program.
Chemistry 6981 Pre-Seminar Report Form.
Chemistry 6981 Post-Seminar Report Form.

Thesis Introduction Chapters

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