Chemistry 5832: Solid State Structural Methods
Winter 2006

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2006 Instructor: Dr. Allen D. Hunter
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5015 Ward Beecher Hall (office)
(330) 941-7176 (Office)
(330) 941-1579 (FAX)

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The following materials listed below are available:
Microsoft Word as .doc files or in Adobe Portable Document Format as .pdf files.
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Chemistry 5832 Syllabus.
Student Teaching & Course Assignments Time Table.
Chemistry 5832 Student Information Form.

Useful Teaching/Learning Materials

Description of Chemistry 5832.
Chemistry 5832 Goals and Objectives.
Crystallography & Diffraction References.
Radiation Training Form.
 Help with using our diffractometers.
    Bruker Smart APEX CCD System.
    Bruker P4 System - Manual I & Manual 2.
  •  Table of Contents and Index for the Manual as a .pdf file.
  •  The Complete manual as a .pdf file.
  •  The Covers for the Lab Manual as a .pdf file.
  •  Modified Chapter XIV of ADH's SALM: Growing Single Crystals Suitable for Diffraction Analysis: Color Version: 195KB.doc, 62KB.pdf Black and white Version: 143KB.doc, 62KB.pdf
  •   Trial Data Sets.
    YSU Diffraction Complete Holdings.Dec1.1999.F99.html
    OhioLink Diffraction Holdings.Dec1.1999.F99.html
     YSU Crystallography Complete Holdings.Dec1.1999.F99.html
     OhioLink Crystallography Holdings.Dec1.1999.F99.html

    Outline Notes for Chemistry 5832 Lectures
    [Note: These materials are best read on screen in color.  They will be regularly updated during the term.]
    Topic 1 - Introduction to Chemistry 5832 & Crystallography (Latest Edition)
     Topic 2 - X-Ray Diffractometers (Latest Edition)
    Topic 3 - Single Crystals & Crystal Growth (Latest Edition)

    Modified Chapter XIV of ADH's SALM - Growing Single Crystals Suitable for Diffraction Analysis (Latest Edition)

    Chemistry 5832 Lecture Assignments
    Due Dates for Lecture Assignments:.
    Lecture Exercise 1: The Unit Cell:.
    Lecture Exercise 2: The Crystallographic Paper:.
    Lecture Exercise 3: Acta Cryst. Section C:.

    Chemistry 5832 Laboratory Assignments
    Due Dates of Lab Assignments:.
    Lab Assignment 1: X-Ray Absorption & Safety:.
     Lab Assignment 2: Introduction to SHELXTL - Part I:.
    Lab Assignment 3: Introduction to SHELXTL - Part II:.
    Lab Assignment 3:
    Diffraction Photographs and Identification of Tentative Unit Cells:
    Lab Assignment 4: 
    Determination of Final Unit Cell Parameters:
    Lab Assignment 5: 
    Determination of the Crystal Symmetry:
    Lab Assignment 6: 
    Determination of Data Collection Parameters and Data Collection:
    Lab Assignment 7: 
    Absorption Corrections:
    Lab Assignment 8: 
    Data Reduction and SHELX File Generation in XSCANS:
    Lab Assignment 9: 
    Selecting, Mounting, and Centering Crystals:
    Lab Assignment 11: 
    Molecular Presentation Graphics and Advanced Tabular Data via SHELXTL:

    Old Exams
    Chemistry 832 Mid-Term Exam Spring 1997.doc
     Chemistry 832 Final Exam Spring 1997.doc
    Chemistry 832 Mid-Term Exam Spring 1998.doc
    Chemistry 832 Final Exam Spring 1998.doc
    Chemistry 832 Exam Spring 1999.doc
    Chemistry 832 Mid-Term Exam Spring 2000
    Chemistry 832 Final Exam Spring 2000
    Chemistry 5832 Final Exam Spring 2002


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