StaRBURSTT CyberInstrumentation Consortium

A) Resource Material

YSU-Allen Hunter's YSU X-Ray Structure Solution Guide: A Beginner's Introduction

YSU-Allen Hunter's and Matthias Zeller' Smart Apex User Guide

National Science Foundation Crystals through the K-16 Curriculum educational lessons and resources.

STaRBURSTT Pacifichem PowerPoint presentation










B) Crystallographic Associations and Networks

IUCR - International Union of Crystallography Homepage

ACA - American Crystallographic Association

ECA - European Crystallographic Association

DGK - German Crystallographic Society (Deutsche Geselleschaft fr Kristallographie)

Reciprocal Network, Reciprocal Network - Site Search

Ohio Crystallography Consortium

Advanced Diffraction Studies Consortium

C) Crystallographic Programs and Software

SHELX Homepage at the University of Gttingen

WinGX Homepage

XD - Homepage

Download pages:

WINGX Platon Ortep Dirdif XD

D) Crystallographic Databases

CSD - The Cambridge Structural Database for organic and organometallic compounds

CSD - request of deposited data (free service of the CSD)

FIZ - Fachinformationszentrum Karlsruhe for inorganic compounds

CDD- International Center for Diffraction Data for powder diffraction

PDB - Protein Data Bank for protein diffraction

E) Manufacturers of diffractometers and X-ray related equipment

Bruker AXS (formerly Bruker-Nonius and Siemens X-ray diffraction division)

Rigaku MSC

Hampton Research

Oxford Cryosystems

F) Neutron Diffraction

An Introduction by Roger Pynn, Los Alamos National Laboratories

G) Other Helpful Links

Help for Running XPrep and Sadabs

Space group decoding instructions

IUCR CheckCif Facility

IUCR PrintCif Facility



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X-ray in Teaching at ISU

Chemistry 380.45 X-ray Diffractometry (special topics course)

NSF funded wireless portable electronic classroom

Chemistry 351, 2-week laboratory exercise (senior chemistry majors)

Chemistry 140, a laboratory exercise (freshman chemistry majors)