Crystals Through 
the K-16 Curriculum 

Purpose:  To develop a crystal education curriculum for grades K-16.


The curriculum meets National Standards in science and follows
National Assessment Standards.

Post Secondary Unit
High School Unit
Middle School Unit
K-4 Unit

Project Coordinators:
*Dr. Allen Hunter, Professor of Chemistry at Youngstown State University,
*Steve DiMuzio, Science Teacher at LaBrae High School,
*Les McSparrin, Science Teacher at Sharpsville Area High School,

Project collaborators:
*Jay and Katie Cripe, Science Teacher at Liberty High School,
*Sharon DiMuzio, Elementary Teacher in Poland Local School District,
*Bill Snyder, Science Teacher at Poland Seminary High School,
*Bruce Turcic, Science Teacher at West Middlesex High School,

Project Funding
National Science Foundation (NSF)
NSF Grant #9980921

Youngstown State University

Copyright:  2001, Dr. Allen D. Hunter, Steve DiMuzio, and Les McSparrin.
Department of Chemistry, Youngstown State University