Crystals: Grades K-4

Purpose: Initial lessons will be presented at an introductory level, the lessons will be reinforced, and progressively increase in difficulty as grade levels increase.

Outline of Topics

A.  Patterns
    1.  Examples of patterns
    2.  Identify repeating units
    3.  Predict future items

B.  Symmetry
    1.  Identify symmetry
    2.  Draw lines of symmetry

C.  Crystals
    1.  View crystals and rocks
    2.  Grow simple crystals

D.  Build models of crystals
    1.  Tessellations
    2.  Lego models of crystals
    3.  Gum drop models

E.  Integration ideas for patterns, crystals, and symmetry
1.  Music-Dance and Rhythm
2.  English-Poetry
3.  Art
a.   Masks
b.  Snowflakes
c.  Kites
d.  Butterflies
e.  Painting
f. Stenciling

       National Science Content Standards:      Grades K-4:  Addressed by Unit

A. Science as Inquiry
    1.  Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry
    2.  Understandings about scientific inquiry

B. Physical Science
    1.  Properties of objects and materials

C. Life Science
    1.  Characteristics of organisms

D. Earth and Space Science
    1.  Properties of earth materials

E. Science and Technology
   1.  Abilities to distinguish natural and objects made by humans