High School Unit

Purpose: To enhance the information presented in the middle school unit and to introduce students to basic methods of crystallography.

1.Review middle school lessons
a)ClassificationPicture Classification
b)Classification of minerals
c)Basic structures and repeating units


2.Growth factors


3.GrowingcrystalsGrowing Crystals     Examples of Crystals Grown by Students


4.View and qualitatively identify crystal structuresUnit Cell Lesson


5.Quantitatively solve structures from sample data Using X-Shell


6.Confirm crystal structures with modern bonding theories Bonding Lesson


7.Possible Integration Integration Ideas

a)Biology-natural symmetry


c)Music-rhythm and patterns

d)Art lessons Snowflake Lesson


8.Unit Exam


National Science Content Standards
Grades 9-12: Addressed by Unit

A. Science as Inquiry

    1. Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry
    2. Understandings about scientific inquiry
B. Physical Science
    1. Structure of atoms
    2. Structure and properties of matter
    3. Motions and forces
    4. Conservation of energy and increase in disorder
    5. Interactions of energy and matter
C. Science and Technology
    1. Abilities of technological design
    2. Understandings about science and technology
D. Science in Personal and Social Perspectives
    1. Natural resources
E. History and Nature of Science
    1. Nature of scientific knowledge